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Customer satisfaction and product quality is at the heart of our business. To provide this goal, we are strongly appropriated to provide every customer with excellent support, so we get a differentation within the market.

Focus Business

Serve informations into one place, bring up intuitive navigation or let your Employees build their own Quick Links, to simplify them working on its main core, instead of searching content.

Have Flexibility

Branding output, set up custom Templates or define displayed content by the offered WebPart Properties.

Using Support

Having a question, do I miss a feature, dont hesitate to reach out our Support!


Using WebPart connection to send multiple items from data view
(List Search to GeoMapper WebPart)


Quick Links WebPart for Office 365 / SharePoint Online and On-Premis

Help Employees creating its own Link repository to emprove your companies productivity! Spent time on working instead searching...

Task Rollup WebPart for Office 365 / SharePoint Online

Help Employees finding all relevant Tasks within one ore more SiteCollections and collect them to one single List to work with. Sorted with categories on DueDate, to have a better overview. Spent time on working instead searching...