Banner Rotator 2

The Banner Rotator 2 Web Part displays Banners/Pictures from a Picture Gallerie also across Site Collections. JavaScript Only, No external Libraries for maximized compatibility.

BannerRotator2_1 Zoe.jpg
BannerRotator2_1 Zoe.jpg

Simple and fast Banner Rotator. No external libraries used.


WebPart Properties
Property NameDescription
Site URL Specify the full URL to the Site, serving the List.
List Name Choose your List from the available DropDownList.
Folder Name Choose your Folder from the available DropDownList. Or “All Items” to display all Items within the List.
View Name Choose your List View from the available DropDownList. (optional)
Enable audience targeting (Visibility field) Use it to have a security trimmed result, based on the List’s field Visibility (SharePoint Groups)
URL Field Name If the Banner should have linked Pictures, specify the proper List Field Name with type “Hyperlink”.
If there should be always the same URL, you also could enter the Full URL here.
Link Target FieldName: Set the List field Name, including the Link Target Attribute Values (_blank; _self;)
Link is set to Image, Title, Image and Title, none (read more link will appear, if there is one)
URL Target New Window / Same Window. (Will be used, if a Link is available but not Target field set)
Nbr. of Items Total To display limit the Items to display (Newest first)
Manual Height (px): Set the Height of the Banner Rotator (default 200px)
Manual Width(px) Set the width of the Banner Rotator (default: 100% to be responsive). If you use the Image size/position: Image, set this value to “as Image resized”
Image size/position Set the Image as a background – contain / Cover or as a Image element / Full dimension, within the defined container size.
Banner align Set the banner to the left, center or right position, within the WebPart zone.
Banner Rotation Speed (ms) Set how long the slide should be displayed.
CSS Style Custom css to add (optional)
Title CSS Style Set the descriptions Title css (optional)
Description CSS Style Set the descriptions text css (optional)
Enable Text area Enable or disable the Textarea, stored within the Pictures fields “Title” and “Description”
Enable Bullets True or false
Enable Controls True or false
Textpanel Background Color Specify the background color of the Textpanel
Title Opacity (x10) Set the Opacity factor for the textpanel background color.
Bullet style More options if requested (Numbers available)
Max. nbr. of words displayed how many words would be displayed from the body field.
Detail link text If the Body is truncated, it will add this text at the end with a link to the item URL value.
License Key Please enter your Paypal "Profile ID" or "Automatic payment ID" to unlock your WebPart.

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