Download Instructions

This is a small instruction page, how to download and unlock the Tiles for evaluation.
Please follow these three steps

Step 1

Download the Prodcut from the link below:

Free Download (Version 1711)

Step 2

  • Extract the .zip file.
  • Upload the .sppkg file to your AppCatalog and deploy the Product to all your sites (you will be asked within a Dialog's Checkbox).
  • For more Information, please have a look at this inscrution file Link
  • Step 3

    Get a free evaluation period

  • To unlock the Tiles, it is neccessary to get your SharePoint Root Site registered.
  • OnPremise (SharePoint 2016 / 2019) need to get in contact with us to get a license file sent by email.
  • Please click on the link below, to unlock your Tiles for free
  • Free O365 Evaluation registration