Color Calendar

The Color Calendar Web Part displays the color-coded appointments of the selected SharePoint Calendar.The web part size can be freely specified which allows to create a "mini" calendar.

You can configure the following web part properties:
calendar size

hide or show weekends
configure CSS settings for individual formatting


WebPart Properties
Property NameDescription
Site Select a listed Site, where the Calendar is located in
Other Sie Url If you like to specify a URL/Site, use this field
Calendar Select your Calendar
Second Calendar Select your second Calendar overlay (optional)
Default View Set the default view (Month, Week, Day)
Number of events displayed per day Limits the number of events displayed on a day (Month view)
Calendar Width (px) Set the Width of the Calender.
Calendar Height (px) Set the Height of the Calender.
Category Colors Each Category will be displayed in another Color
Show Details View Link Enable a detailview on Mouse hover
Show Weekends Enable or disable Weekends in the displayed section
Show Category Legend nable or disable the legend for the Category Colors
- (ie: Business=tomato;Meeting=red;Get-together=#00be9c;Holiday=#efc94c)
CSS Styles Select a Class / ID and manipulate the object with CSS.
Options secondcal=1| to enable Second Calendar property.
License Key Please enter your Paypal "Profile ID" or "Automatic payment ID" to unlock your WebPart. (Format: I-1A11SSBB2241)

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    Jon Upshaw
    08/12/2019 22:33
    Is there anyway to display a specific month, I am looking for a way to display and entire year at the same time. In the past I accomplished this by placing 12 web parts on the same page and then filtering each view to display a specific month. However it appears that I can no longer do this.
    Raphael Bloch
    09/27/2019 13:31
    We apologize for this late response.
    We have updated the ColorCalendar Web Part with this feature.
    Please update your version and use the Web Part property option: 2019-01-23|
    This will set the default view to the 23 of Januar 2019.
    Web part not working and discussion regarding licensing
    01/15/2020 10:31
    Hi Team,
    We are trying to evaluate amrein calendar web part but the same is not working for us. We are trying to use evaluation version. Can please someone from support team connect with us to showcase how this web part works. I can be reached at +919650655440
    01/18/2020 16:59

    we have published a new version of the Color Caledar Web Part.
    Please update your current version to the most recent version 1111.
    There was a loading issue, if there are no category colors set.
    Jennifer Eckard
    01/30/2020 23:44
    Does this allow for overlays of more then one calendar?
    02/03/2020 09:47

    currently the ColorCalendar is only supporting a single list source.
    We will look into this case if it is possible to have multiple sources available.
    02/03/2020 14:31

    we have updated the Web Part to have the ability to overlay a second calendar.
    Please update to the most recent version.
    Jose Sanchez
    02/20/2020 20:55
    Hi I bought a web part color calendar a variuos month ago, I have installed this in mi site, today I tried to use again this calendar but not working, my version is I downloaded the new version 11112 and installed, but indicate that my key is expired, I reinstall the old version but now not working in my site, Can you help me my buy user is thank you, I bought a perpetual version when I bought this license at 05/24/2019
    02/23/2020 10:27

    I apologize your circumstances.
    We had a 3 month migration period, where it was possible to be refunded or have the new products / bundle with discount available.

    Mr. Amrein will contact you by email to find a solution.