Banner Rotator

The Banner Rotator WebPart displays Banners/Pictures from a Picture Gallerie also across SiteCollections.

jQuery Banner Rotator, using the same key as the Banner Rotator 2


WebPart Properties
Property NameDescription
Site URL Specify the full URL to the Site, serving the List.
List Name Choose your List from the available DropDownList.
Folder Name Choose your Folder from the available DropDownList. Or “All Items” to display all Items within the List.
URL Field Name If the Banner should have linked Pictures, specify the proper List Field Name with type “Hyperlink”.
Link Target FieldName Set the List field Name, including the Link Target Attribute Values (_blank; _self;)
Link is set to Image, Title, Image and Title, none (read more link will appear, if there is one)
URL Target New Window / Same Window.
Enable Text area Enable or disable the Textarea, stored within the Pictures fields “Title” and “Description”
Activate Bullets True or false
Enable Controls True or false
TextPanelAlwaysOnTop True or false. Specifies if the Text area only shows on Mouse Hover or all the time.
Responsive Sets the banner rotator minimal with to the image with, but let it be larger on resizing.
Nbr. of Items Total will display onle the set amount of items according to its order set on “Order by ColumName”
Manual Height (px) Set a manual Height
Manual Width(px); Set a manual Width
Banner Rotator Speed(ms) Specify the Banner Rotator frame change time in milliseconds
Transition Speed (ms) Specify the Banner transition time in milliseconds
CSS Style Customize the look and feel.
Textpanel Background Color Specify the background color of the Textpanel
Title Opacity (x10) Set the Opacity factor for the textpanel background color.
Bullets horizontal alignment Set the position of the bullets
Max. nbr. of words displayed how many words would be displayed from the body field.
Detail link text: If the Body is truncated, it will add this text at the end with a link to the item URL value.
Enable ViewField Column “View” If you like to build your own View, please add a Column named “View” to your List.
Filtering by Value If you have enabled the above setting and your List is including a field named “View” (Single line of Text), you could filter by its Value. (I.E: If you have 100 Items in that particular list and only want to show a specific set of this items, use the ListField “View” and set the same name to each Item you like to show as a View).
Order by ColumName “Order” Create a List Field named “Order” as a numeric field. If you have used the above settings to build your Views, here is the way to get it in order as you need. Use numeric values to set each item in the particular list.
License Key Please enter your Paypal "Profile ID" or "Automatic payment ID" to unlock your WebPart. (Format: I-1A11SSBB2241)

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    11/25/2019 20:06

    Try to understand your license cost. Per seat means per user? or per URL? what if multiple web pages (URLs)?

    11/26/2019 10:03
    Hello George,

    The license is per seat/users on your whole tenant.
    And you can use the product within the whole tenant with the same license key.

    Kind regards,
    Raphael Bloch
    02/22/2020 16:59
    Hello, I installed both the banner rotator and banner rotator 2 in my SharePoint environment, but I am not able to get either one to work. When I enter the site URL, the List Name does not populate. I have a library with images and I’ve created lists, but they do not show up.
    02/23/2020 10:37

    please verify the Site Url you entered. It should be the full Url (i.E:
    After that, please press the apply button at the bottom. The Web Part is now fetching the Site and list all available lists within the property dropdown List Name.
    We also can have a remote session to look into this.
    06/03/2020 16:51
    Hi, am facing one issue with your app. When i put list full URL, am not getting an option to select Listname in the dropdown
    06/03/2020 16:53

    you need to enter the Site name, not the list full Url.
    Jeffrey Oliver
    09/09/2020 19:49
    We have a library of images in a picture library all the same size. 1000 x 390 pixels. We have the properties for the web part set as follows:

    Responsive = Yes
    Manual Height = 0
    Manual Width = 0

    When we save the page and view it, the images in the banner rotator do NOT fit within the container for the web part. The left and right sides of the images are cut off.

    The only way we can get the images to properly display is by setting Responsive to No. Unfortunately when we do this, the banner images DO NOT resize when you make the browser window smaller.

    Please advise.
    09/10/2020 07:59

    we have update the web part to handle image with above 900px.
    Best ratio to not have cut off anything is 2.8 : 1 (in example: width: 1204px height: 430px).
    In your case it would be 1092 * 390
    Jeffrey Oliver
    09/11/2020 23:50
    I have a picture library with images in it. I've added a custom field called "NavLink" (data type is hyperlink). I have some images in this library that have a URL added to them in the "NavLink" field. I've configured my web part so that the "URL Field Name" attribute contains the value "NavLink".

    The banner images display in the web part there is not an option to click thru to the hyperlink value in the NavLink field. What have I done wrong?
    09/14/2020 13:55

    where have you found the configuration description using a NavLink filed and what do you like to achive?

    The web part includes options to enable navigation like arrows on the left and right side and also bullets to jump to other banners.

    If you like to use an onClick redirection, please use the web part property URL Field Name linked to a list field indluding the target Url.
    You also have the ability to set the onClick function to different location with the web part property: Link is set to: Image / Title / Image and Title / none, you have
    10/07/2020 18:49
    I am having the same issue as others have had. There are no choices in the ListName field, even after adding the full site URL and hitting Apply. We're using version
    10/09/2020 18:27

    I am having issues with the Banner Rotator web part. After I enter the Site URL for a sub site and hit Apply, the ListName only display one item (ex. Photos). What happened to all other lists? Please help!
    10/12/2020 07:23

    we can have a screen sharing session to look into this issue together.
    Can you please send us an email to schedule a meeting date/time if you are available for?

    Kind regards,
    Raphael Meng-Bloch
    10/12/2020 07:24

    do you have more than one picture library available within the new SiteUrl set?
    Have you entered the full Url?

    Kind regards,
    Raphael Meng-Bloch