Employee Directory

This Employee Directory WebPart displays all your Employees as a Directory list with predefined filters from the user profile store

Using the UserProfileStore to build an Employee Directory list with filter options.


WebPart Properties
Property NameDescription
FieldTemplate Define Fields to display and if necessary, rename the Title column with a pipe “|” a “!” will exclude the field from displaying, but makes the value available to filter.
A-Z Fieldname enter a title (altered) column name to link the A-Z Filter to
Show search box enable / disable search box
Picture source SharePoint (MySite)/Outlook
Need to be logged in/userphoto (default)
enable Export to Excel Creates a CSV file with all the profiles.
Options Enter a “?” to list all available Fields.
User Details
FieldTemplate Use HTML and CSS to create a userDetail FieldTemplate. Use curly brackets surrounding user profile properties, to show it's values.
Example: {FirstName}
Default order by column Nbr. Select the order by column as a number from the FieldTemplate (starts with 0) or enter the column title (altered) name
Sort direction Ascending / Descending
Birthday date Format Format the Date as needed with moments.js
Hiredate date Format Format the Date as needed with moments.js
Default page length to set the default item count each page.
Refinement filtering Set the search query refinement filter.
Exclusion filter Highly flexible Filter to exclude list items from view.
example: fields['Field to compare. like: FirstName'] Operator like (==,!=,<,>,<=,>=, &&,||) “Value”
in Example:
fields['FirstName'] == “”
This will exclude all Users, where no FirstName is set.
fields[‘WorkPhone’].indexOf(‘079’) > -1 && fields[‘FirstName’] == ‘Raphael’
This will exclude all Profiles, where the WorkPhone contains 079 and the FirstName is equals Raphael
Note: All Filter Fields must be set in the FieldTemplate to be available.
A-Z Filter background color Set the background of the A-Z Filter
A-Z Filter background color on active Set the background of the A-Z Filter active state
Export button background color Set the background of the Export button
Custom CSS define your look and feel with CSS
Cache retention Time (Minutes) Set the Cache duration in Minutes. Set it to “0” to disable the Cache.
License Key Please enter your Paypal "Profile ID" or "Automatic payment ID" to unlock your WebPart. (Format: I-1A11SSBB2241)

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    peter behler
    05/31/2019 19:38
    How do you display an email address and not the icon. I tried an old hack of WorkEmail/plain but doesn't seem to work.
    05/31/2019 19:54
    Hello Peter,

    within the WebPart property Field Tempalte, the WorkEmail field is by default set as: WorkEmail=mailiconto|Work e-mail
    To only display the e-mail as text, use the following property field string: WorkEmail=text|Work e-mail
    And to have a mailto link included, use the following setting: WorkEmail=mailto|Work e-mail