This Announcements Extension solution allows to create culture baesd announcements displayed with display options

Display multiple culture based Announcements on modern pages with display options


Using an Url parameter ?btanl=1 to open the configuration panel on a modern page.
Please create a custom list with the following fields configured to work with.

Field NameField TypeValue
Title default (single line of text)Used to define the announcements title
Local Choice / single line of textNo value will show the item to all users. en-US will show only to en-US users..
Announcement Multiline Text – plain textAnnouncement content
Link Urloptional show an url to the users
StartDateTime Date/TimeDefine announcement start date/time
EndDateTime Date/TimeDefine announcement end date/time
Toggle Yes / No (boolean)Whether or not showing a dismiss button
StyleType Choicesuccess
serve warning
SiteUrl Multiline Text – plain textUsed to Url trimm announcements by it's relative / full Url.
Using semicolon to configure multiple sites.
A leading "=" equals mark will show the annoucnement only on the current site withouth subsites.
If a site is configured with .aspx (like a site page) the extension will show the message only on that exact match Url.

WebPart Properties
Property NameDescription
Enable Announcements Yes / No
Site Url Specify the full URL to the Site, serving the List.
Announcements List Name Enter the internal field name of the Announcements list
Options -
License Key Enter the Product License Key provided by us or Paypal
Custom CSS Add custom CSS to the Application.
Config Cache retention time(minutes) Values above zero (0), will store the configuration on the clients browser. Reduce api calls to zero!
List cache retention time(minutes) Values above zero (0), will store the Announcement list content on the clients browser. Reduce api calls to zero!

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