Quick Forms

The Quick Form Extension solution allows to create a Form visible on all modern pages, or just within an injected object.

Create a web form available on all modern pages and store submitted values within a list.


WebPart Properties
Property NameDescription
Enable Quick Form Yes / No
Site Name Specify the full URL to the Site, storing the List.
List Name Enter the internal List Name
Form Title Specify form title region. HTML and CSS allowed
Field Template Specify the form List field, Label field, Field and description with the following syntax / options available:
Before the ListFieldInternalName there are two options availeble: * will mark the field as mandatory
!Will hide the field. This can be used with predefined field values, like the current User's display name or the Web Url or Web relative url.
FieldType and Options:
T:30 = TextField with a 30 character length
M30/6=Multiline TextField with a 30 character length and 6 row height.
D=[FieldValue1, FieldValue2, FieldValue3] DropdownField with 3 values included to choose from.
-User insert the current user's display name.
-web inserts the current web url to the field.
webrel insets the current web relative url to the field.
Form type Store Data in List
License Key Enter the Product License Key provided by us or paypal.
Messages & Options
Completion message Define the completion dialog message (HTML and CSS allowed)
Validation error message Specify the validation error message (HTML and CSS allowed)
Form Location Link Button on frame bottom - right
Inject Link Button to ID/Class
Url parameter
Inject Link Button to ID/Class define selector for element with classname or ID. (CSS Selector also allowed)
Options -
Open Form Button Text Feedback Form (adjustable)
Submit Button Text Send Feedback (adjustable)
Abord Button Text Cancel (adjustable)
Properties All Containers and labels to style by separate properties
Mobile Styling
Properties All Containers and labels to style by separate properties
Config Cache retention time(Minutes) Values above zero (0), will store the configuration on the clients browser. Reduce api calls to zero!

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  • Office 365


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